Fall Gala 2018


Join us and become a Sponsor for our next Fall Gala in October 2018

We are looking forward to our next Fall Gala Fundraiser Event!  Would you consider joining us by becoming a sponsor? The goal of this event is to raise money for our Scholarships 4Kids fund. This fund helps cover therapy costs for children who desperately need it, but have limited or no insurance coverage.

Help us Give Kids Hope!

In 2016 alone, the Scholarships 4Kids Fund provided over $222,000 worth of therapy services for our families. Every dollar donated to the Scholarships 4Kids fund goes directly to the provision of services for a child in need. We can’t wait to see what is raised this year and how many families we can help as a result.

As a sponsor you can receive tickets and other extras at the gala, marketing and promotional material for your company, or we would love to work with you to find something that better suits you and your organization. Additionally, you would be helping countless families receive services to help their kids succeed.

For more information, download our Sponsorship Packet

To become a Sponsor:
1. Complete the fillable forms included in the sponsorship packet and email the completed forms to Melissa Youd
2. Register online using the registration form below.

Questions? Contact Melissa Youd at melissa@nt4kids.org. Thank you!

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