Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (7)

When are copay’s and payments for services due?

Clients are asked to pay their copay or payment for services at the time of treatment. You should be notified at the time of your visits what the amount of your payment should be. If the office staff doesn’t mention it – please ask. We like to work together to eliminate surprises and we are happy to answer questions.

What do I bring to the first appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes early so we are able to complete paperwork with you and obtain financial information. Bring your insurance card (please bring all cards, if you have more than one plan). If your child has had other recent evaluations, please bring copies of the reports.

What will the initial evaluation look like?

The evaluating therapist works directly with your child and will ask questions of both you and your child depending on your child’s age. There will be lots of movement on equipment and mostly fun activities. There may be some table top activities, or range-of-motion measurements. Our therapists are experts at getting the information that they need out of seemingly routine kid centered activities. Most kids enjoy the initial evaluation. The evaluation will last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what is scheduled. At the end of the appointment, the therapist will be able to identify if further treatment is recommended.

If treatment is recommended, how does therapy get started?

At the end of the evaluation appointment, you will be notified if further treatment is recommended. If your insurance company requires additional information from your doctor and/or a prior authorization request for services, we will obtain and the required paperwork (evaluation, plan of care and doctor’s orders) and fax it to your insurance company for you. Your insurance company will then decide if they will authorize services for your child and, once we receive authorization, we will contact you immediately to schedule treatment. If no authorization is required, our scheduler will work with you to schedule recommended treatment appointments at the time of the evaluation.

How long is a treatment session?

Each session is scheduled in a 1 hour time block. This will allow for about 55 minutes of direct treatment and 5 minutes for any home program direction and time for the therapist to write chart notes. We usually prefer that the caregiver is present during treatment sessions so that we can show activities that are recommended for the home program and give you opportunity to share what is going on at home between visits. We make every effort to be on time with the start and finish of each treatment session.

What if my child does not feel well?

If your child is not well (i.e. too sick to go to school), please give us as much notice as possible when canceling their appointment. We do not want illness to spread to others.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, you MUST inform the office at least 24 hours in advance. Of course emergencies and extreme situations will be considered. Our voice mail system is accessible for messages when the office is closed. Please be sure to leave a message on the voice mail by 7am.

Insurance Questions (4)

Will you bill my insurance company?

YES, we are committed to providing the best possible care and that also includes filing insurance claims to your insurance company for therapy services. We are in-network with many insurance companies and even if we are not, therapy services may still be covered at an out-of-network rate. We work closely with our clients to best utilize existing insurance benefits. If no insurance is available, we accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard as payment for services. Click here for more information about insurance and billing.

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the amount you are required to pay before your insurance begins payment. Deductibles vary in size and may renew at either the calendar year or plan year depending on your individual policy. If you have a deductible and have not met it, payment is expected at each visit until your deductible is met.

What is a co-pay?

Some insurance contracts require you to pay a certain dollar amount each visit. This amount is called a co-pay. Co-pay amounts can vary, depending on your individual policy. Co-pays are expected to be paid upon your arrival each visit.

What is co-insurance?

This is the percentage that your individual policy requires you to pay of the allowed or contracted amount. We will bill you for your co-insurance amount once we determine what your carrier allows per visit. Keep in mind that some plans may have a co-pay, co-insurance or both.

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